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This is an anthem about life and living. Living one

more day is a privilege not afforded to everyone, so

do all you can with the ones you get

rob thomas

i’m not afraid of getting older
i’m one less day from dying young
i see the light go past my shoulder
i’m one less day from dying young

i see my life
like a train on a one way track
i’ve made mistakes
and i couldn’t take ‘em back
and i’ve been running round in circles
til i’m dizzy i can’t lie
but every night i go to sleep’s
a day that i survived


i’ve seen my friends
fall away before their time
and i’ve been afraid
that i may follow in their light
so i drink and love and whisper
all the things i know are right
someday i will leave this world
but maybe not tonight

all my life i have been wandering
burning up my candle like my time just won’t end
and i’ll keep burning til there’s nothing left
praying that tomorrow i can do it all again
if i get tomorrow i will do it all again

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one less day
(dying young)
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